Tracker Plus for LEED

Tracker Plus for LEED provides the first ever project management solution with integrated USGBC submission. Unique features ensure effective collaboration, with progress reports, feedback and task allocation which all help the team to work together to efficiently reach the target rating.

  • The only USGBC App to offer end-to-end LEED Online functionality combined with enhanced project management features.
  • Early stage pre-assessment options analyses and charrette utilities.
  • Direct linking to LEED Online so people assigned to projects can also access them through Tracker Plus.
  • LEED forms can be edited directly from within Tracker Plus.
  • Assign tasks and deadlines to create person specific action lists.
  • Personal email reminders ahead of due takes and quick team update emails.
  • Team collaboration features to ensure that designs and specifications progress easily to become LEED compliant.
  • Helpful progress and team task management reports.
  • Direct LEED form and documentation submittals to GBCI reviewers via Tracker Plus together with clarification management.
  • Multiple project monthly progress reporting.
  • Email reminders ahead of due takes and quick team update emails.

The Tracker Plus team are committed to developing assessment project management systems that unite the project team to achieve the highest possible LEED rating while unlocking precious time that can be spent designing and constructing truly sustainable buildings and communities. To help deliver these objectives, Tracker Plus provides a number of innovative features:

Full team collaboration and project management

Extensive project management features enable team collaboration throughout the design and construction process. These features have been designed specifically for LEED practitioners with further functionality drawn from other global environmental assessment schemes. Tracker Plus brings together proven features that help project teams and contractors to complete their commitments quickly and accurately.

Interact and synchronize with LEED Online

Tracker Plus interacts with LEED Online from project setup through to review and final LEED certification. The team can access all of their active assessments from a single place and the LEED project coordinators can manage team access and responsibility just as they would do via LEED Online. This ensures that the project team can benefit from the extensive project management features of Tracker Plus knowing that information will all be in the right format and ready for submittal on completion.

Main credit dashboard getting you to the information you need fast

Tracker Plus is designed around a main credit dash board where the status of each credit can be seen (using a simple traffic light system) along with access to all key assessment information. The dashboard also allows several scoring scenarios to be run in parallel so that different scoring options can be evaluated during the assessment. This page also confirms when each LEED form was last updated, and by whom, so it can clearly be seen who in the project team has been active and contributing to the process.

LEED forms, document upload and credit information

The system allows direct access to edit and save the LEED credit forms and upload supporting documentation. Tracker Plus also provides the credit information and guidance from the LEED manual so the team can find information and action the forms all from one location. On completion the forms can be marked as complete and ready for review submission direct from the system.

Assigning responsibilities, due dates and automated email reminders

Essential for effectively managing the LEED exercise Tracker Plus has been designed to both assign people against credits on LEED Online and to ensure that the correct team members are associated with all of the individual tasks that will be required to complete those credits. Due dates for every task can also be assigned which are then used in the creation of task lists and the sending of reminder emails.

Interaction with your LEED coordinator

Good communication is essential to delivering the required LEED rating. Tracker Plus enables project team members to communicate with the coordinator or others within the team via chat style feedback and confirmation emails

Reports generation

A key feature of Tracker Plus is the automatic generation of reports and output graphics. This includes a Tracker report which can be used to monitor progress in project team meetings and Task Lists Reports which summarise credit responsibilities and deadlines. All reports can be filtered for specific project team members and credit status.

Team provided with update emails

Progress emails can be sent to individuals or the entire project team on demand. These emails summarises the current status of the assessment together with a list of the outstanding credits to be actioned by each team member. The assessor can also include a specific message to the team if required.

Direct submittals and interaction with LEED Online leading to connect with your reviewer

When LEED credit forms are complete they may be submitted direct from Tracker Plus for review by GBCI. Tracker Plus will guide you through the submission process to check that all minimum submittal requirements have been met. During the review process GBCI can request clarifications through Tracker Plus and the project team can respond back using the system. Once the review is complete and accepted by the team then the assessment can progress to the next assessment phase and final LEED certification without the need to interact directly with LEED Online.

Helpful information and new features

The Tracker Plus team are always looking to find new ways to enhance the system and help teams to efficiently deliver their assessments. Our development is user led so all suggestions are gratefully received and these inform our development programme. Whether you are a project team member or LEED coordinator we welcome your input and suggestions!

What people are saying

  • "Tracker Plus has enabled our practice to streamline the management of the entire assessment process, from pre-assessment to post-construction. It's the industry standard for efficient online assessment management; we use it on every project"
    Anna Foden, BREEAM Assessor and LEED AP, Max Fordham LLP
  • "We invested in Tracker Plus with a view that it would help us manage the assessment process in a way that would make the whole process transparent to all parties, and would introduce accountability to those responsible for supplying information. We have found that that T+ delivers all that and more, and so makes the certification process more efficient. The ease of use of T+, and immediate technical support if needed, only a phone call away, makes T+ an added attractive investment for us. We would wholeheartedly recommend T+ to anyone who does BREEAM or LEED assessments
    Dr Hardip Mann, Senior Sustainability Advisor, BAM Construct UK Ltd."
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